Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh´s Life and Struggle

Dr. Mossadegh´s English Portal

As the Prime Minister of Iran

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Dr. Mossadegh`s cabinett

Among his sympathisants before the parliament

As the Prime Minister

Names of Mossadegh`s cabinett ministers

Dr. Fatemi`s speech before the parliament

Flying to New York with Dr. Fatemi

sitted fr1om the right hand side to the left: Minister of Economy: Dr. Alami, Secretary of State 1for Employment: Lotfi, Justice Minister: Ing. Seifollah Moazami, Telecommunication Minister: Ing. Zanganeh, Chief of the Planing Organization: Dr. Azar, secretary of education

standing from the right hand side: Vice Chancellor: Dr. Malek Esmaili, Minister of Transport: Ing. Haghschenas, Secretary of the Interior and Vice Chancellor: Dr. Sedighi, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, Consultancy Minister: Ing. Taleghani, Secratary of State: Dr. Hossein Fatemi, health minister: Dr. Farmanfarmaiyan, Minister of Defence: Major General Mahna

Mass demonstration pro Mossadegh

Meeting with Ayatollah Kashani und Hossein Makki

By the Iranian Parliament

Defending the rights of Iran in UN

By a group of the students and teachers

Defending the rights of Iran in UN

Meeting with Harrimann and Werner Walters

Meeting with Shah, after returning from America

Meeting with the English embassador

Leaving the UN to the Iranian embassador in New York

By the American embassador

Meeting with the Sowiet embassador, Panushkin

Visiting the nationl cemetry Arlington

Visiting the Liberty Bell

Being Wellcome by Dean Achson

Meeting with Harrimann and Wernen Walters

Visiting the George Washington Dome

By Bernhard Samuels in Independance Hall

By the American President Trumann

Visiting the Memorial Column for the unknown soldiers of the First World War

Visiting the Wernen mountains and signing the guest book



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