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With the help of very short letters written secretly to his friends and political followers either from Ahmadabad, while he was under house arrest, or as he was lying in the Nadjmiyeh Hospital, Dr. Mossadegh's handwriting is yet existent.

A letter written from Nadjmiyeh Hospital
Take a look at his handwriting
Another letter written from Ahmadabad
Take a look at his handwriting in another letter
A letter written from Ahmadabad
Answering the Iranian students in Berlin, fans of the Iranian National Front, about the necessity of organizing a coalition against Shah and carrying on the democratic goals of the national movement, in Persian

Books of Dr. Mossadegh's Letters

Name of the Book


Dr. Mossadegh´s Speeches and Letters

Speeches and Letters during the 5th, 6th and 16th legislation periods of the Iranian parliament and as the Prime Minister, Mossadegh Press, 1967-1969, volume 1 to 10

Letters from Ahmadabad, 1943-1963

Compiled by Fariba Amini, Washington, 2004, Express Press

Take a look at the cover of the Persian book

Dr. Mossadegh´s Correspondants

Two volumes, compiled by Mohammad Torkamaan
ISBN: 964-5619-33-5

Mossadegh´s Correspondants in Prison

Compiled by Iradj Afshar, Ketab Press, 1977, this book is also published under "Mossadegh´s Political Correspondants " published by Nashr Press

Dr. Mossadegh´s Correspondants

10 volumnes, Dr. Mosssadegh´s Press, Paris, 1963

Friends' Letters

Compiled by Iradj Afshar



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