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The Election

This article explains the elction rules in Iran and consists of a preface and six chapters. It was printed in the Ayandeh magazin, 3rd year, in Sept. 1944, while Dr. Mossadegh was a member of the 14th legislativ period of the parliament.

Draft to reform the election rules

This short article was printed in the Ettelaat newspaper in Sept. 1944, while Dr. Mossadegh was a member of the 14th legislative period of the parliament.

Election in Iran and Europe

This article explains the election rules of different countries e.g.: France, England, Germany, Italy, Canada, etc. and also disscusses the regulations of the Iranian Parliament

Passing the budget rules in different parliaments‌


The limitation rule

This article was printed in Elmi maganzine, which was published by Dr. Mossadegh himself, and caused a discussion between him and the ayatollahs at that time. Some of them only criticized this article and some others called it as a one gainst the religious rules.

Citizenship in Iran

Mossadegh discussed in this article the citizenship of the foriengers in Iran. It was ratified in Nasseredin Shah's time, one of the Shahs of Qajar Dynasty, and was also ratified at the beginning of the Pahlavi Dynasty in Iran.

Civil and trade rights in Iran‌

This article includes the civil right, family right, heritage right, areal state and trade right in Iran, from arising the Islam to the Iranian Contitutional Revolution and the post-revolution era. These articles were printed in 3rd, 4th and 5th circulation of Ayandeh magazine in 1926.


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