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Iranology Library

The Mossadegh Foundation / Library of Iranology, whose objective is to
make known Iran and its culture by putting at the disposal of those
wishing to become acquainted with and consult its Iran Library, which
consists of books on the history, the geopolitical situation and the
Shiite Muslim religion of Iran (Persia).

The Library on Iran is a non-profit makeing organisation. The books, videos and archives files are available to the public and to the members of the Mossadegh Foundation, and are consultable on the spot during the opening times of the library or by appointment. We have reading rooms for consultation of written documents as well as the necessary material to visualize video recordings.

The various types of documents are: books, videos and archived files. They are identified by a symbol and are grouped by section of ID number and in the categories according to the table of the library site.

Choice of books to be consulted is made in advance; the day and the hour are fixed on the basis of availability of places for readers. Library books are consulted after obtaining a membership card. Choice of books is made by consulting the catalogue. The day and hour for reading are fixed according to the availability of places. Books are consulted only at the Library. The intemal rules of the Library are included on the reader's card.

There is no loan for the documents of the library. All the books, videos and documents file can be consulted on the spot but cannot leave the library.

The data of each document is presented in the form shape of a card, with is divided in two parts: The superior part (blue color) presents the useful data for the classification of the document and its Title. The inferior part (gray color) presents the data related to the contents or the subject of the document.

To reach the data of the catalogue of the library or to seek a document on the library site, it is enough to click on one of the options of the menu (in top of each page) and to follow the instructions.

The catalogue presents the complete list of documents of the library of Mossadegh Foundation. For each new document, our catalogue is updated. The library consists of 5124 Books, documents or Videos from 3014 Authors. The Opening hours are Tuesday - Friday, 2:00pm - 6:00pm.

Our Adress is as follows:
Mossadegh Foundation
21 Place d'Armes, 1227 Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland
Tel. :022 300 37 55
Fax : 022 200 37 58
You can try to use our e-mail: fondation@mossadegh.com



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