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Mossadegh’s 123rd Birthday was celebrated In Cologne in May 2005

Thousands of Iranians, representing three living generations, gathered in Cologne, Germany, on May 21st, to celebrate the 123rd birthday of the late Dr. Mohammed Mossadeq, regarded by many Iranians as well as foreign observers as the symbol of Iranian nationalism, independence and democracy.

The first generation, who fought along side Mossadeq in the nationalist movement of the 1950s to rid Iran of the colonialist policies of the British oil companies, sat next to the other two younger generations who had only heard of their hero through much distorted history books of the contemporary Iran.

Converging to the venue in a stadium, the Mossadeq followers had come from every walk of life and from their far apart exile homes in Europe and America, united in a belief that only Mossadeq’s ever living legacy is still the way forward for the freedom of Iran from the claws of despotism and achieving a national unity for progress and prosperity.

There were many veteran politician, artists, workers, students, teachers and activists among the audience whose decades of struggle against the former dictatorial monarchy and the current reactionary religious theocracy could only be matched by the size of their unquestionable loyalty to Dr Mossadeq and his dreams of a free, democratic and prosperous Iran.

The significance of the meeting was amplified as once again Iran and the Iranian nation face a crucial juncture in their history, as the present unpopular and despotic regime is resorting to every possible means, including total capitulation to foreign powers and plundering of the country’s human and natural resources, to cling to its power bases that are being challenged by the Iranian people.

The Iranian nationalist and democratic movement still sees in Mossadeq and his ideals a time proof and viable leadership to free Iran from the ills of the present religious dictatorship and replace it with a democratic, accountable and progressive system of governance in which the national sovereignty is driven form the people’s power and every Iranian irrespective of their gender, race, colour or language lives equal to the rule of law and benefits from the vast wealth of their motherland.

These were the dreams of Dr. Mossadeq and his followers are determined to realise them, as long as it takes.


The event began at 19:20.  
Opening ceremony by the waving of Iranian tricolour “Shiro-Khorshid” (Lion and Sun) flag by Mohammad Hasibi, an Iranian politician of the Mossadegh era, accompanied by singing of “Ey Iran” anthem by the audience   Watch a part of the opening ceremony video and listen to the "Ey Iran" anthem here.
Farshid Yasayi announcing the evening’s program  
Nasser Kakhsaz welcoming the guests
A speech by Manouchehr Taghavi Bayat on the significance of the celebration and discussing the political situation of Iran  
The screening of a new documentary film, called "Mossadeq, Summer, Autumn and Winter", written and directed by the famous Iranian director Reza Alamezadeh and played by Nasser Rahmani Nejad (appearing as Mossadeq) and Houman Azar Kolah and Ali Kamrani. The music for the documentary was composed by the leading Iranian composer Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh. Bijan Shahmoradi also provided the co-management for the film- theatre.

The upper pictures are in Hague Court, where Dr. Mossadegh defended the nationalization of the Iranian Oil Industry as the Iranian Prime Minister, the next two are in the military court after the 1953 Coup aginst him, the next two show Dr. Mossadegh lying in the death-bed in Ahmadabad under house arrest and the last two ones are the actors and the director being warmly encouraged by the audience.

Watch 15 minutes of this this film-theatre here,
taken from YouTube site.
The Message of the Iran Nation Party was read by Mr Fazel.   Mr. Mahmoodi read the message of the Iran National Front- Germany.
Then Mrs. Sima performed five Pesian and Azari songs, accompanied by Mr. Aref (violin), Mr. Eskandar (tombak and daf), whicht took about 20 minutes long.  

message of Iran’s first president after the Shah's fall Dr. Abolhasan Bani-Sadr

message of the spokesman of the Iran National FrontDr. Parviz Varjavand
One of the Iran’s leading poet, Nemat Azarm, read two of his poems in praise of Mossadegh’s life and struggle for the honour of the motherland. These poems, The old leader and The atternative Star had been sent to Dr. Mossadegh in Ahmadabad at that time.  
Then the Bahram Pour Dancing Group performed some traditional Iranian dances.  
To the benefit of time, the event commitee decided to shorten the program and as a result the following parts were omitted:

The message of The organization of Iran National Republicans by Mr. Shariatmadari

The message of the polit beauro of Fedaee Organization of the Peaple of Iran - Majority by Mr. Karimi

The message of The Central Commitee of the Oragnization of the United Fedaees of Iran by Mr. Azami

Names of the poltical characters, who have sent their messages to the event, were also mentioned.
  Declamation the epical poem "Arash" by Mr. Bahman

Mrs. Sattari's speech about The history of Dr. Mossadegh's political birthday ceremonies.

The message of the The Organization of Laic and Democrat Republicans of Iran by Mrs. Alimohammadi

The message of the Organization of Unification of the Republicans of Iran by Mr. Fatapour.
At the end of the event Zheblex Group performed some songs from different Iranian nations and Folklore as Gilaki, Khouzestanish, Kurdish and Azari. Some of the audiences, who partly wore the kurdish national clothes, began dancing by hearing the pleasant kurdish folklore music, the Azari folklore music was also accompanied by Azari dance by some others.  
This significant national event finished at 00:50 midnight.  
Report of the Radio Farda about this event in Cologne   Listen to this report


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