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Rules and Principles of the Fiscal Regulations before and during the Iranian Constitutional Revolution

Cover of the Persian book

The principles in Iran and abroad are discussed in this book. Mossadegh explained his motivation about writing this book, "letting his finance experiences be at the disposal of the Iranian public". Dr. Mossadegh wrote this book during his house arrest in Ahmadabad after the coup, preface are written by Ezzatollah Sahabi and Aliakbar Shabiri Nezhad.

He mentioned in a note at the beginning of the book, that there is not a copyright on this book, therefore being free. This book was published for the first time in 1900 and then in 1997 by Farzan Press.

Letters from Ahmadabad

Cover of the Persian book

Mossadegh's letters to Nosratollah Amini

Compiled by Fariba Amini, Washington, 2004, Express Press

Memories and Thoughts

Cover of the Persian book

Two volumnes, Book I: His memoirs during a three years solitary imprisonment that ended in August 1956. A Brief Account of his Life and Memoirs covered the period of 1882-1924.

Book II: He completed this book in 1961 while under house arrest in Ahmadabad. A Summary of the Nationalisation of Oil Industry in Iran recounts the oil nationalisation process and replies to accusations made by the Shah in his book.

Books I & II are printed in Persian in one volume (named: Khaterat va Taallomate Mossadegh). Preface is written by his son, Dr. Gholamhossein Mossadegh, and by Iradj Afshar, Elmi Press, last publication 1993, translated in English by Dr. Homayoun Katouzian.

Capitulation and Iran

After spreading the news about the annulation of capitulation of Iran in Türkey on 1st of October 1902 Dr. Mossadegh wrote and publicized this book in 5000 volumnes, in order to aware the Iranian public opinion about the bad results of such rules and to motivate and support the Iranian government by this annulation. Due to this publication Dr. Mossadegh studied the international agreements and conventions between Turkey and Europe. He mentioned in a note at the beginning of the book, that there is not a copyright on this book, therefore being free.

Testament in Islamic-Shiit Right‌

His doctoral thesis , which was written in French in 1914.
Ahmad Matin Daftari, Ali Motamedi and Nasrollah Entezam translated parts of this book in 1920 in Tehran, 106 pages, the whole translation of the book was finished about 45 years ago and was finally published by Zaryab Press in 216 pages in 1977.

The Responsibility of the Government referring to the contra laws actions, done by the civil servants and the rule of non-surrendering the political culpables

Written in French at the School of Social Sciences of Paris to get his license

Incorporation in Europe

This book was written after Ardeshir Jey's statement, that there existed no book about Iranian incorporations, so Mossadegh decided to study all European rules in 1917, 103 pages, he mentioned in a note at the beginning of the book, that there is not a copyright on this book, therefore being free.

Regulations of Law Courts

This book includes Dr. Mossadegh juridical knowledge. As requested by Dr. Nasr Dr. Mossadegh wrote this books, to increase his teaching neveau at the faculty of political sciences and show his respect to Dr. Nasr and the students. This book was written in more than 1000 pages and publicized it in 497 pages in 1911. He wrote the name of the book in French, due to sending it abroad, to make the custom control easier. ‌He mentioned at the beginning of the book, that it is for free and there is no copy right on the book.

A short Description of the Parliaments Regulations in Iran and Europe ‌

To the parliament members of the 5th legislative period, he mentioned in a note at the beginning of the book, that there is not a copyright on this book, therefore being free, 72 pages, 1922‌.

Documents on Petroleum

Published by Mossadegh´s government, 1951

Dr. Mossadegh's Reforms, Gesetezvorlagen and Authorities

Cover of the Pesian book

Ney Press, compiled by Masoud Kouhestani Nezhad

Dr. Mossadegh´s Speeches in the Sixteenth legislativ period of the Iranian Parliament

First volume, second part

Dr. Mossadegh´s Speeches in the fifth and sixth legislativ period of the Iranian Parliament

compiled by Hossein Makki, Djavidan Press, 3rd volumn1982, this book was also printed in 1977 and 1943

Dr. Mossadegh´s and Prof. Rouland's counsil for the defense in the International Hague Court‌

Zebardjad Bita Press, Tehran
Prof. Rouland was the lawyer of the Iran government in Hague Court, who defended Iran aginst Great Britain successfully.

Dr. Mossadegh in the first military court

By his lawyer in the military court: Colonel Djalil Bozorg Mehr, Tehran, Tarikh Iran Press, Dr. Mossadegh 's counsil of defense in the first military court after the coup, it is published in 1997and 1988, Niloofar Press

Dr. Mossadegh in the second military court

By Colonel Djalil Bozorg Mehr, Tehran, Enteshar Press, 1984

Dr. Mossadegh in the cassation proceeding

Enteshar Press, Tehran, 1987 or 1989

Musaddiq's Memoirs

the English translation of the memoirs translated (with S. H. Amin) and edited and annotated, together with an 81-page introduction by Homa Katouzian, ‌London, Jebhe, 1988

Dr. Mossadegh´s Speeches and Letters

Speeches and Letters during the 5th, 6th and 16th legislation periods of the Iranian parliament and as the Prime Minister, Mossadegh Press, 1967-1969, volume 1 to 10

Dr. Mossadegh´s Correspondants

Two volumes, compiled by Mohammad Torkamaan
ISBN: 964-5619-33-5

Mossadegh´s Correspondants in Prison

Compiled by Iradj Afshar, Ketab Press, 1977, this book is also published under "Mossadegh´s Political Correspondants " published by Nashr Press

Dr. Mossadegh´s Correspondants

10 volumnes, Dr. Mosssadegh´s Press, Paris, 1963

Friends' Letters

Compiled by Iradj Afshar


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