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Mossadegh Prize

Mossadegh Prize is awarded by two institutions:
- Iran National Front - America
- Mossadegh Foundation in Switzerland.

  • Mossadegh Prize of Iran National Front - America is awarded for the best documented article on democracy in Iran every year.

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  • The Mossadegh Foundation Prize
    Mossadegh Foundation, whose objective is to make known Iran and its culture by putting at the disposal of those wishing to become acquainted with and consult its Iran Library, awards prizes every two years, which are attributed to the author of a book or an article or to a journalist according to pre-defined criteria.

    In addition, a prize is offered by the Foundation every two years, on a subject decided upon by an adhoc Committee.

    Since 2002 these prizes are awarded primarily to books, which are devoted to the geopolitical, economical and social situation in Iran, written impartially and objectively; then it will be the turn of a reporter writing in a journal.

    To be considered for the book prize, the author or publisher should send the text to the Mossadegh Foundation; concerning the prize for journalists who write regularly articles on the situation in Iran, the direction of the journal or the journalists themselves should fax the texts directly to us — cuttings of articles which have appeared in journals or magazines; they can also request our e-mail address.

    The choice of each laureate will be made by the Committee appointed for this purpose by the Foundation.

    If the articles or books received do not conform to the criteria of the prizes, the value of the prizes to be awarded to the laureates (author of a book and journalist) of this period will be postponed to the two following years.

    Owing to lack of personnel, we are unable to exchange via Internet, and can correspond by fax: Mossadegh Foundation, 21 Place d'Armes, 1227 Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland. Tel. :022 300 37 55 Fax : 022 200 37 58. You can try to use the e-mail: fondation@mossadegh.com

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