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Without the Springs

Nasser Rahmani Nedjad
Human Azarkolah
Ali Kamrani
Ali Pourtasch
Hamid Abdolmaleki

Senarist and Producer: Reza Allamehzadeh
Music: Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh

It is a Persian film with an English caption, its first performance was in the Mossadegh's 123rd birth anniversary in Cologne named "Mossadegh, Summer, Autumn, Winter" (concerning 3 different periods of his life). Afterwards it was performed in more than 15 cities world wide (outside Iran) from May 2005 till Dec. 2006.

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Film about
Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh´s life
This film is about an hour long as a black & white or a coloured film.
A documentary film

Mossadegh at the Hague Court, 1951
A documentary film

Mossadegh nationalizes Iranian oil
On the 50th Anniversary of the 1953 CIA coup in Iran
Iranians for Freedom and Democracy & Iranian.com
Present following two documentary films

Anatomy of a Coup;
The CIA in Iran

End Of Empire (British Perspective of the 1953 coup)

Sunday, Sept. 14th 2001 at 1.00 pm

Pacific Film Archive Theater
U C Berkeley Campus
2575 Bancroft Way at Bowditch Street

"Anatomy of a Coup" and "End Of Empire" include interviews with former spies, officials as well as Middle East experts, and old news footage from the time of the 1953 coup.

For nearly five decades, the American and British role in the coup that ousted Iran's elected prime minister, and returned the Shah to absolute power, has been lost to history. A copy of the Central Intelligence Agency's secret history of the coup was leaked to the New York Times in 2000, revealing the inner workings of the plot that transformed Iran into a dictatorship and set the stage for the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
Secrets of the Coup in 1953

Mossadegh and the CIA-Coup in August 1953 in Iran

The top ranked CIA-officers and some western politicians spoke about this coup.

This film is in English and is available either as a video or as a DVD.
On 28th und 30th of May 2004 a two part film, named Soraya, was broadcasted from German TV.

Mossadeq: Claude Brasseur
Soraya: Anna Valle
Shah: Erol Sander
Producer: Lodovico Gasparini
Senario: Jacqueline Feather and David Seidler
in German
A documentary film
Mossadegh ousted,
Shah returns to rule Iran





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