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Album Mossadegh, The Meteor in der Night of the Native Country
A Work by Mansour Tehrani, Dr. Iradj Parsifar, Abi yeganeh
and a group of the Iranian and Swedish artists

This CD consists of seven songs.

Pire Ahmadabad, The old wise man of Ahamabad, 5 min. 14 sec.

Mossadegh, 7 min. 24 sec.

A love story to Iran, 3 mIn. 26 sec.

History of the past century, 5 min. 55 sec.

Oh, the Liberty, 3 min. 59 sec.

The Red Flower, 6 min. 10 sec.

Ahmadabad, 3 min. 23 sec.

Listen to this presentation of the CD here
In 1953, Iran had a democratically elected government
This is how the C.I.A. solved that problem

A new Rock-Oper

Historical, Relevant, Loud

This Rock-Oper consists of 12 MP3 songs

Producer: Micheal Minn
Singer: Micheal Minn

Time: 45 minutes
performed by the members of a four-piece rock band
in 2004, in the International Festival in New York

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